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The Journey Begins!

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

I have a passion for the Word of God! Since early childhood I loved to read the Word but about forty years ago, I learned the practice of Biblical meditation and learned how to really dig in to study the Word! I loved to focus on specific topics or word studies and found such richness in studying the Word through really taking time to ponder a specific verse, look at cross references and explore the deeper meanings of the Word through the study of the original word meanings in the Hebrew and Greek. These personal studies formed the basis for the lessons that I have since prepared and shared in small group Bible studies and at women's prayer conferences around the United States. I found that many of those who have received these studies returned to them again and again in counseling sessions or for their own personal time of study and prayer. This is what motivated me to develop a web site to make the studies readily accessible to others for their own personal use or for use in small group Bible studies. My brother, Brad, graciously offered his time and expertise to develop this website. I hope the studies give you a deeper appreciation for God's Word and help to equip you as you navigate through your own particular Journey!! I would love to hear how you are using them and if there are areas you could suggest for improvement!

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